Engineering Approach

Our approach is based on solid engineering practices, honed over many years of industry experience.

While the latest fads in software engineering approaches seem to come and go (and we seem to have dealt with most of them), one thing we have found is that there is no substitute for good old fashioned tried and tested engineering. An approach to solving problems that targets the desired outcome and uses the most practical means of achieving it!

Software Contracting

When you have a specialised problem and need specialist technical skills to solve it, sometimes you just cant go past the expertiese a contractor can bring quickly to the problem.

Small Projects

Sometimes you just need something built right, the first time.

Web Sites

Yes, web sites can sometimes be seen to be a dime a dozzen, but if you want one where do you start, and are they all the same?

Mobile Devices

iPhone, Android, Blackberry... which to choose and what to target? But most importantly how do you convert your idea into a reality?

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Need to get some software built but simply don't have the people?

Contracting is our main source of income.

If you need a solution, but simply don't have the resources. Give us a call and see what we can do to help.

We specialise in Java / J2EE and mobile solutions, with a passion for the insanely difficult!

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