FBT Car Log


FBT Car Log

A FBT Car Log for the recording, and calculation of travel times and distances.



The FBT Car Log allows the user to easily start a trip, stop a trip, and calculate the distance inbetween using the phones internal GPS / Navigation capabilities. The application will determine the location. The user can add additional data, such as purpose, and vechicle.

The FBT Car Log also allows the plotting on a vehicle path over a map, to display in detail where the user has travelled. This detailed information is stored for later use.

The FBT Car Log then allows the user to export the data, to file, or email, for the purposes of sending to an tax accountant.

Please enjoy this application, and we hope it fulfills your needs. It is provided free of any warranty implied or otherwise.

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To download this application from iTunes please see FBT Car Log

FBT Car LogFBT Car LogFBT Car LogFBT Car Log


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