Quick Quotes HD

Quick Quotes HD allows you to generate quotes quickly and easily. It is designed for the tradesman, or anyone with a need to generate ad-hoc quotes on the go.


The application allows you to generate a simple business quote, capturing critical information such as the customer, quote details, parts, price, and numerous images.

Once a quote is entered it can then be emailed to the client, and yourself at the push of a button.

Quick Quotes HD captures basic user/business information in the setup, and reuses this information along with the entered quote data to generate a realistic quote.

Quick Quotes HD also allows the exporting of the data to XML format, and uploading to your computer via iTunes.

To use the Quick Quotes HD simply entere the setup information, add any common clauses or terms and conditions, and start generating quotes.


The application can be downloaded from iTunes by clicking here on Quick Quotes HD.

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