Whos Borrowed It Pro

Who's Borrowed It Pro is library management application for the iPhone, focused on the individuals ability to lend and return items, such as Books, Tools, CDs, or a combination.


This application is based on the popular free version "Who's Borrowed It". It has all the features of the base version, the ability to store and group products, store and group users, and lend and return products. Everything you need for a basic library function.

Who's Borrowed It Pro also adds in a lot of new features, based on user feedback.

The ability to:
* Nest products and product groups.
* Nest users and user groups.
* Lend and return multiple items at time time.
* Return partial numbers of items.
* Perform ISBN searches.
* Export and import the data from CSV files via iTunes.
* Generate Warning Messages.
* Track past borrowings.
* Generate SMS Messages.
* Generate Emails.
* Call Users.

Please enjoy this application, and we hope it fulfills your needs.

The application can be downloaded from iTunes by clicking here on Who's Borrowed It Pro



Notes for CSV File Upload.

The file upload process is not documented within the application, as such this makes the process rather difficult to use. The process is explained here to offer assistance in the use of the application.

The upload process allows the uploading of

  • Products
  • Users

This is done using CSV files

The application process for importing data is fairly rigid. Files must be in a specific format, and have a specific file name.

File names much be:

  • Products_0.csv Products_1.csv Products_2.csv … Products_100.csv
  • Users_0.csv Users_1.csv Users_2.csv … Users_100.csv

and internally each file should be:

2,cd1,name2,name3,2,5,CDs,MyDescription 2

1,James,Bond,12454321, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ,address1,address2,test
2,Michael,Lisser,0411149911, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ,address1,address2,test

Note the system searches for files from 0 to 100, and stops when it can't find a file, hence while you can load multiple files at a time they do need to be sequentially numbered from 0.

I have attached two example files that I have tested and know work in the updated code.



I would also point out that the upload process isn't a real CSV process, rather a comma separated format. The difference being in that in a normal CSV file you can have additional commas by surrounding them with quotation marks ",". However my program is a bit primitive and will just ignore the quotes, read the comma and get thrown out of whack. Hence be sure to remove any excess commas (change them to something else).


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