Digital Checklist Pro HD

An application to help you manage a check list or run sheet of common repeatable tasks.

The application allows you to build a template of questions (short text, full text, yes/no, images etc) and then run the template of questions over and over again. Thus as a user you can build a regular shopping list, or a to-do list, and run and re-run the list over and over again.

The Applicaiton allows you to build multiple Templates. Each Template can contain any number of Questions. Each Question can be have a multiple choice (Yes/No), Short Text, Full Text, or Image response. Questions can have default values built into the question and template. Questions can also be marked as Optional.

The Templates can be executed as required. Execution of the Template creates a Run Sheet, which is filled out. As questions are answered the answer date and time is recorded. It is possible to copy Run Sheets, when copying a run sheet any question marked in the Question Template as Sticky will have its answer copied to the newly created Run Sheet. Mandatory questions are highlights.

The application allows you to delete data, or templates, and also export the data to files for synchronisation via iTunes with your computer. Once the files are downloaded into your computer you can email them, edit them and re-upload them into your application. All files are generated as XML.

The intent is that this application allows you to build a repeatable checklist, much like a pilot take off sheet for a plane, and then ensures you execute this check list over and over again.

This application Digital Checklist Pro HD can be downloaded from iTunes.

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