Whats for Dinner HD

Whats for Dinner HD for the iPad, helps you answer that age all question of “Whats for Dinner?”

For those people who can never decide if its Pasta, Pizza, or Leftovers this is the application that will help make that decision so much easier.


The application allows you to keep track of your main menu options, and favourite dinner recipes, and through a simple to use interface presents you a list of meal options for any night. Options are presented in reverse order of use, so the one at the top of the list is going to be the one you haven’t eaten in a while…. and thus the one for tonight!


A simple way of making that decision we all face every night, of what’s for dinner.


To download the application please visit the iTunes store for Whats For Dinner HD


Whats For Dinner HDWhats For Dinner HDWhats For Dinner HDWhats For Dinner HD


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