Food Diary HD

Food Diary HD provides the functions of an electronic diary for the tracking of food intake, and body movements (outtake if you like). This helps anyone who is dealing with food related allergies, such as IBS, or those of us watching their weight. This version is targeted at the iPad.



The interface provides a simple and easy to use graph representation of your intake and movements for the week, along with a running total of calories. By selecting the main icons you can add changes at a touch, and by selecting the graphed icons you can modify existing records.


For those tracking the details you can add details through the additional tabs, changing the colour of the icons to reflect what is occurring in your daily lives. Suggested is Green for Healthy, Orange for so-so, and Red for the problem stuff. By following this simple strategy you can very quickly see trends occurring over the graph that you might not have noticed in real life.

The intent is to provide to you a useful tool to help improve your well being.

So dont forget to go download Food Diary HD from the iTunes store today!

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