Digital Checklist

Another great little Apple iPhone application to assist you in making a list, and checking it twice. Ensuring that what you set out to do, is what you actually do.

Be it a shopping list, a weekend to do list, or a process at work you just have to follow. This application will allow you to create a checklist (template) and then execute (run) it multiple times, thus allowing you to repeat the same checklist over again.

It is a relatively simple application, provided as a demonstration of our capabilities in the mobile space. It is built on the same platform as the popular “Who’s Borrowed It” applications, extending the same set of libraries, and reusing similar skins.

It is fully operational, fully featured, and provided free for general use.

Digital Checklist is available now from the iTunes store.

For further information on this application don't hesitate to contact us

Digital ChecklistDigital Checklist - TemplateDigital Checklist - Template DetailsDigital Checklist - QuestionDigital Checklist - run


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