Who's Borrowed It - HD

Our latest offering in the mobile space, targeting the Apple iPad platform this application showcases our capabilities and technology by providing you a simple to use application for managing your own gear and who has borrowed it over the years.

Yes this is a topic close to our hearts, as it is with anyone who has lent a book, cd, or video to a friend and never seen it returned. While we cant help get it back, we can at least help you keep track of who has it and when they took it! And who knows maybe one day you can ask to “borrow” it back again.

This application extends on the recently released iPhone version, but with an enhanced user interface, allowing for a reduced number of screen and simpler workflow. Under the hood both applications share a common code base. 

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To download the app from the iTunes app store please click on Whos Borrowed It - HD

To view the iPhone version of the app please click on Whos Borrowed It

Whos Borrowed It - OptionsWhos Borrowed It - InventoryWhos Borrowed It - Product DetailsWhos Borrowed It - PeopleWhos Borrowed It - Lend To


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