Software Contracting

When you have a specialised problem and need specialist technical skills to solve it, sometimes you just cant go past the expertiese a contractor can bring quickly to the problem.

Contracting allows you to staff your projects on an as needs basis, taking on staff to fulfil short term gains or tackle difficult problems.

At Miron we are regularly engaged on short to medium term contracts, working on clients sites, dealing with different domains and industries, and solving those problems that just seem insurmountable.

Our solid engineering approach allows us to adapt to your environment, and get in there and deal with not only your immediate crisis, but also solve the underlying conditions that caused it.

Typically contract engagements range from 3 to 6 months, and focus in areas ranging from the Sydney CBD through to Wollongong.

If you have a need, or would like to discuss an engagement please don't hesitate to contact us

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Need a small unique software solution?

We realise that every business is different, and some times you simply must have a solution that fits your needs.

We specialise in developing unique solutions, be it web sites, mobile applications, or large scale application servers, we have the background and experience to see it through.

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