School Timetable HD

School Timetable HD allows you to generate and track multiple school timetables quickly and easily. It is designed for the student, parent, or teacher with a need to track multiple complex class schedules.

The application allows the user to generate multiple timetables based on common information, such as Subjects, Teachers, Start Dates etc. Each timetable comprises multiple entries of subjects which can be scheduled over multiple days or weeks. The Timetable application shows which subject is current, and for any entry the summary (Subject, Teacher, Location, Start Time, Duration) and details of the entry (Start Date, Cycle Period, Colour Code, End Date).

The School Timetable HD application starts with a predefined timetable calendar, and predefined set of common structural setup elements (Colours, Periods, Durations, Cycles). The setup information can be further added to if required, allowing the user to customise the default values to meet their needs. Once setup the user can then start entering their timetable schdule into the application and tracking it throughout the day.

Entries are colour coded for ease of recognition.

Class durations are flexible and configurable.

The application allows the scrolling of the calendar, both time and date, to view future and past classes.

By adding multiple Names the user can manage multiple timetables, and thus a parent/gardian can manage the timetables of multiple children.

The application allows the management of:


  • Names - Timetables for individual users.
  • Subjects - The subject of a class.
  • Teachers - The teacher of a class.
  • Location - The location of a class.
  • Colours - A colour indicator associated with the Timetable.
  • Lesson Start Date - The start date of the class (typically the date of the first class of the term).
  • Lesson Start Time - The start time of the first class.
  • Lesson Duration - The duration of the class in minutes.
  • Lesson Cycle/Repeats - How often this class is repeated, ie every 7 days.
  • Term End Date - The end date of the current class (typically term end).

This data can then be used and reused to generate individual class entries.

For further information regarding this application or others, please contact us at

To download this application please visit the iTunes Store for School Timetable HD

Release 1.1 Changes

Changes to the application for Release 1.1 include the ability to upload a timetable from an external XML file. The aim being that Schools and other Institutions can provide a reference to a pre-generated XML version of the students timetable, and this can then be downloaded from a central server.

To achieve this an XML version of the timetable is required. This file must be hosted on a Web Server so that it is accessible via a URL.

For example see

This url can then be entered into the Setup Screen of the application, and Imported into the device as a new timetable. This removes the rater tedious task of manually creating a timetable, and allows central institutions to generate multiple timetables on mass.

The XML format of the file is decomposed into two areas

- Setup - Allows the creation of Setup Information, such as Teachers, Subjects, Locations, Colours, Start Dates, End Dates, Durations, and Cycles.

- Timetable - Allows the referencing of Setup Information, to construct class schedules.

The full structure of the XML file is shown below, and the example file provided above can be used as a guide for what information is required.

Key to remember is

1. That setup information is referenced within the entry structure by name.

2. Fields such as Colour, Start Date, End Date, Duration, and Cycles expect a specific format

- Colour is a Hex value such as 0xFFCC22

- Start Date is a date time in the format of dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm

- End Date is a date in the format of dd/MM/yyyy

- Duration is an integer representing minutes

- Cycles is an integer representing days







































































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